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Re-defining packaged wastewater treatment 
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REGEN is the only wastewater technology that improves treatment processes resulting from its advanced composite polymer materials that increase biofilm productivity.


Our solution allows for cost effective execution using low energy inputs and bio-electric sensors for increased control of treatment processes surpassing any existing technology.


This patented process design removes complexity from the treatment process given its reduced operational requirement, reduced failure modes and extended life span.


Key Product Benefits

  • Low energy treatment process

  • Power source options: Solar, Electrical Grid

  • Bio-sensors allow for remote communication

  • Minimal on-site preparation – 1 to 2 days

  • Minimal operations and management 

  • Training will be given in client location and or Canada

  • Remote monitoring and operational support available

  • Producing clean water suitable for irrigation

  • Fixed Film treatment results in reduced bio-solids production (reduces sludge collection).


Economic Benefits

  • Save costs associated with collection of wastewater

  • Save “tippage” costs on wastewater treatment

  • Produce stream of water for re-use (irrigation)

  • Modular, containerized design – low CapEx

  • Remote monitoring and control – low OpEx

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Typical Applications

The system including human waste, shower and kitchen water.  Our technology utilizes an optimized fixed film treatment process for improved capacity and energy efficiency.

Applications include commercial oil, gas and mining locations, disaster relief, remote communities, communities looking to upgrade or enhance existing lagoon treatment infrastructure

  • 1 treatment module can support from 25 to 400 people.

  • Modular design allows for low-cost expansion of treatment capacity for upwards of 2,000 people

  • Treated water can be used for irrigation

Our Team
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Andrew Matthews

Dynamic leader with over 13 years of senior management experience that spans the international marketplace, with a proven track record of building and leading companies. Occupied various corporate leadership positions in challenging environments since 2003 throughout the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa including Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Djibouti. 

He was a partner and International Operations Director of Afghanistan’s leading engineering consulting firms, and was instrumental in helping its local clients win over $150 million in engineering projects.

Michael Deighan
Senior Engineer

Mike is the engineering and technical lead at REGEN Wastewater Inc and is responsible for the design, development and commissioning of the REGEN modular wastewater treatment product line. Mike has led the design, manufacturing and commissioning of REGEN wastewater treatment solutions in Saudi Arabia, an innovative membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) treatment system. He was also integral in the design, management and installation of wastewater treatment solutions in Algeria and North America including a world-first, solar powered, packaged wastewater treatment plant for the Canadian Military.

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For further information please contact:
Andrew Matthews
Call:      +1.613.808.2633 
65 Watts Avenue
Charlottetown, PEI
C1E 2B7

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